CBD: What does Broad Spectrum mean?

It’s no secret that CBD is the darling of the natural health world at the moment – popping up in everything from shampoo, tampons and even hummus (?!), this natural compound from the Cannabis family is a hot topic and with good reason too. Heralded by the press, celebrities and industry experts, CBD is a supposed must-have for pain relief, skincare and everything in between!

By now you’ll hopefully have read our earlier post, ‘Starting your CBD Journey’ and be familiar with the ins and outs of what CBD is, and how it differs from what people usually associate with the Cannabis plant. Next stop, choosing the right CBD for you and deciphering all the labels out there, which is where this post will come in handy!

Lost in the Label Lingo?

When it comes to picking the right CBD product for you, you will find there are a few different terms out there that you may not be familiar with – we certainly weren’t before we started looking into CBD! While Kanna Creations CBD Oil Sprays and Drops are all labelled as Broad Spectrum formulas, many of the CBD products out there are actually something called CBD Isolate.

In order to understand what this all means, and why choosing Broad Spectrum can make all the difference, let’s take a step back to what we learnt in our introduction to CBD. CBD (or Cannabidiol if we’re getting technical!), is part of a family of organic chemicals called ‘cannabinoids’ which work around the human body in the ‘endocannabinoid system’. While you may not have heard of this before, this nifty little system can be found throughout most of the major organs, keeping everything nice and regulated. When you understand this, it starts to make sense that people would want to introduce new cannabinoids, like CBD, into their body – we all need a little support every now and again, right?

Broad Spectrum vs Isolate

Now we’re up to speed on that, let’s get back to those confusing terms! All the CBD in our Sprays and Drops is Broad Spectrum. This means that as well as CBD, our formula includes many other cannabinoids which will all work in harmony to greatly heighten the effectiveness of your CBD Oil and keep your endocannabinoid system in check.

CBD Isolates, on the other hand, only contain some of the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. Makes sense now that some of the other brands you’ve seen might be a little cheaper, doesn’t it?

Adding a third term to the mix, you might have seen the phrase ‘Full Spectrum’ out there too. Sounds good, but if these products are labelled correctly (not that we like to point fingers!) it’s likely these formulas contain THC, otherwise known as the psychoactive chemical responsible for the effects you’d associate with cannabis. In the UK, products are required to contain less than 0.05% of THC but don’t worry, all our products are rigorously processed so that THC is undetectable in Kanna Creations CBD.

We’re Here to Help!

We hope that helps to make a little more sense of the confusing terms used when labelling CBD. It can be more than a little tricky to get your head round – believe us, it took us a while to make sense of it all! If you have any more questions about CBD (or anything at all!), just drop us a message on our contact page, and one of our team will be in touch with you with all the answers you need.